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Summary of BioMalPar XX Conference 
Published in Trends in Parasitology

Organizers and session chairs (amongst them Nicole) of the BioMalPar Conference XX prepared a summary of the different conference session which was recently published inTrends in Parasitology

BioMalPar XX Conference at
EMBL Heidelberg


Nicole recently attended the BioMalPar XX Conference at EMBL Heidelberg. She co-chaired the "V for vivax" session and presented recent results. 

Congratulations to Kira, incoming member of the Kilian Lab, who was granted the Vesta Holt Field Studies Merit Project Award for her outstanding malaria research proposal. 🎉
Watch out, Plasmodium! 💪

Thesis Defense Sascha Huth

Sascha successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations! We are super proud of you!

Presentation at the World Malaria Day Symposium at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore

Nicole presented recent results at the WMD Symposium in Baltimore hosted by Professors Jane Carlton and Nobel Laureate Peter Agre.​

Thesis Defense Jonas Guth

Congratulations to Jonas for successfully defending his thesis. We are very proud of you. 

Invited Talk at ETH Zurich

This month Nicole was invited by her interviewee Prof. Athina Anastasaki to give a talk at the Department of Materials. Nicole had a great time exploring Zurich and learning all about polymers.

The Kilian Lab Goes Stateside

The Kilian Lab will go stateside in 2024. The new lab home will be in sunny California at California State University.

ASCB Cell Bio 23 Meeting Participation 

Recently, Nicole attended the ASCB Cell Bio Meeting in Boston. She presented recent work, participated in a round table discussion and met old as well as new friends. Amongst them the resident penguins of the New England Aquarium who partied with the conference participants during the Nikon's Customer Appreciation Event.

Poster Presentation at the "Future of Malaria Research" Symposium 

On the 13th of October, Nicole attended the "Future of Malaria Research" Symposium at the Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. She presented recent results and had a great time talking to all the malaria researchers in attendance.

Journal Cover BioEssays (Wiley) 

The article about the Maurer's clefts and other novel secretory organelles of malaria/blood parasite origin has been featured as journal cover for BioEssays (Wiley, Volume 45, Issue 9, September 2023). What a great honor and fantastic teamwork between Nicole's students Lena Reichert and Victor Bekić as well as Dr. Stefan Hillmer (EMCF, Heidelberg University) who took the beautiful TEM picture. 

Article About Maurer's clefts & Other Novel Secretory Organelles of Malaria/Blood Parasite

Together with her student Viktor Bekić, who joined the team from the University of Zagreb last August, Nicole wrote an article about the fascinating biology of the Maurer's clefts and other novel secretory organelles of malaria/blood parasite origin. 

The article has been published in BioEssays (Wiley).

Invited Speaker at the 47th FEBS Congress

From the 8th to the 12th of July, Nicole attended the 47th FEBS Congress in Tours (France) as an invited speaker. ​Being a part of the chemical biology session chaired by Prof. Kathrin Lang (ETH Zürich), Nicole presented recent results to researchers from many different scientific backgrounds.

Nicole further met old & new friends as well as former supervisors from Yale University/Heidelberg University. 

Invited Talk at Symposium

Nicole was invited to give a talk at the "Towards an Archaeology of Malaria" symposium at Leiden University. It was an exciting experience.

Publication of the Medici Malaria Study

A team around EURAC Mummy researchers Prof. Albert Zink and Dr. Frank Maixner investigated mummified tissues from a member of the Medici dynasty that ruled Florence (Italy) during the Renaissance. The team discovered a blood vessel that contained red blood cells parasitized with the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. The Kilian Lab (especially interns Dennis Drescher and Melanie Ludwig) as well as the Morty Lab (especially Prof. Rory E. Morty and Jolanthe Schatterny, also Heidelberg University Hospital) participated in the study and could verify the presence of Maurer's clefts amongst other parasite-related factors.

The fascinating study has been published in the prestigious "Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases-CDC". 

Poster Presentation at BioMalPar XIX (EMBL)

Nicole presented recent work conducted with collaborators at the BioMalPar XIX Conference at EMBL Heidelberg. 

It was a fun experience and winning the Science Pub Quiz with scientists from Australia was very memorable. 

Public Lecture at BUGA 23

This week Nicole had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give a public lecture at the Bundesgartenschau BUGA 23, the federal horticulture show in Germany, hosted by the city of Mannheim for the first time since 1975.

Together with her collaborator from the Hochschule Mannheim/University of Applied Sciences, Nicole talked about parasites, malaria, biotechnology and climate. 

What an unforgettable experience for the lecturers and the students/BUGA 23 visitors.

Poster Presentation at the World Malaria Day Symposium at the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute in Baltimore

Nicole presented recent work conducted with collaborators of the Kilian lab at the WMD Sypmosium in Baltimore and was happy to meet many icons of malaria research. Amongst them Nobel Laureate Peter Agre. 

Talk at Boston University/NEIDL

Prof. Catherine Costello & Prof. Elke Muehlberger were hosting Nicole at Boston University/NEIDL. Nicole presented the work of the team and had great scientific discussions with other members of faculty. It was fun talking to everyone and seeing Catherine again, whom Nicole first met at the Malta Conference last year.


Nicole was invited to present at the NIH/NIADI. Beautiful weather and a lot of fun scientific discussions.  

Talk at California State University

Nicole recently presented the work of the lab to the faculty and students of the Department of Biological Science at California State University (Chico, CA). 

Thesis Defense Smilla, Laura & Lukas

Smilla, Laura & Lukas successfully defended their BSc thesis.

Congratulations! I am super proud of you!

#Klinikjobs Feature by Heidelberg University Hospital

Nicole was interviewed for the #Klinikjobs feature of Heidelberg University Hospital. She talked about her scientific career, her research and her students.

Advanced Science
(Wiley) Cover

The cerebral malaria review article authored by Oscar Ndunge (Yale University), Mootaz Salman (Oxford University) and Nicole was awarded the inside front cover of Advanced Science. Special thanks to Viktor Bekić who helped with the design. 

Attendance at Malta X Conference

In November 2022 Nicole had the great honor of being invited to attend the prestigious Malta Conference (Malta X: "Frontiers of Science: Innovation, Research- and Education in the Middle East - A Bridge to Peace"), which was founded by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Prof. Zafra Lerman in 2003.

The Malta Conferences address the shared desire to improve the quality of life and political stability in the Middle East.

They serve to identify unique opportunities for collaboration to meet the scientific and technological challenges of the region.

At Malta X Nicole presented research results and co-hosted a scientific writing / science communication workshop.

Invited Talk at Migal Galilee Institute

In November 2022, Nicole was invited to Israel by Dr. Or Shahar to present the work of the lab at the Migal Galilee Institute. 

Smilla Konrad Presents Her Thesis Research 

Smilla did a fantastic job presenting her research in the November 2022 Thesis Flash Talk Session of our departmental seminar. 

Thesis Defense Linus Kleiner

In October 2022, Linus successfully defended his BSc thesis. Great job and congratulations!!!!

Super proud of you!

Cerebral Malaria Review Published

Together with her collaborators Oscar Bate Akide Ndunge (Yale University) and Mootaz Salman (Oxford University), Nicole wrote a review article about cerebral malaria and neural implications of a

P. falciparum infection which was published in Advanced Science in October 2022.

Invited Talk at Yale University

In September 2022, Nicole was invited by Prof. Julia von Blume to present her research at the Yale School of Medicine Department of Cell Biology. Before her talk she got a visit from Yale's famous mascot Handsome Dan XIX. 

Interview for "The Life in Science" Podcast

Nicole has been interviewed for “The Life in Science” Spotify podcast series by Arjun Udupa, MSc student in Molecular Biosciences at Heidelberg University in August 2022. For this new podcast, which is available on Spotify, Arjun interviews scientists from Heidelberg with different backgrounds and in different career stages. As listener you get a more personal insight and a better understanding on what drives a person to follow this for sure not easy career pathway. 

Invited Talk at the University of Michigan

In April 2022, Nicole visited Prof. Lola Eniola-Adefeso at the University of Michigan for an invited talk

Interview for International Women's Day

On the occasion of the International Women's Day on the 8th of March 2022, Nicole was interviewed by the social media team of Heidelberg University Hospital.

The interview series with her and further female staff is available on different channels.

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